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Molds are microbiological organisms that break down dead organic matter on the earth. If that dead organic matter is used as part of the construction of a house or building, molds will grow if sufficient water is present.

In addition to gradually undermining the structural integrity of building materials, mold growth can also lead to health problems for building occupants. Exposure to molds and byproducts they produce has been linked to severe allergic reactions, asthma and upper respiratory infections. Because of this risk the Texas Department State Health Services requires that professionals who assess for and carry out mold remediation projects in Texas be trained and certified.

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Mold Training Houston 2020



Assessment Tech.
Assessment Conslt.  5-9
Remediation Contr.17-21..
Remediation Wkrweeklyweeklyweeklyweekly
Assessment Tech127.15
Assessment Conslt127.15
Remediation Contr226.14
Please call for course prices.
Classes for groups can be scheduled



Dallas Texas Mold Training 2020


Assessment TechCall NATECif you would like
Assessment Conslt
Remediation Cont
Remediation Wkr
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